Spinal Decompression in Jersey City, NJ

Harborside Sport & Spine Offers Spinal Decompression Services to Help You Feel Better. We Are Conveniently Located at 75 Montgomery Street, Suite 603 Jersey City, NJ. Call Us Today for More Information.

Spinal Decompression in Jersey City, NJ
Spinal Decompression in Jersey City, NJ

Do you have constant back pain in the Jersey City, NJ area or other related back problems? Lingering pain and back problems can cut into what you can and can’t do every day and affect your overall quality of life. Instead of dealing with discomfort and missing out on activities, come to Harborside Sport & Spine for spinal decompression therapy. This nonsurgical treatment method might be right for you!

How does spinal decompression work at Harborside Sport & Spine?

Our spinal decompression therapy uses motorized traction to help relieve back pain. This nonsurgical technique gently stretches your back and spine. Our experts use this to change the position of the spine and the forces that affect it. Our goal is to take pressure off of the spinal disks. These gel-like cushions between the bones of your spine are often ground zero for back pain. If these disks receive too much pressure, they begin to bulge. The term “herniated disks” is commonly used when this happens. Taking the pressure off of these disks not only takes pressure off the surrounding nerves but also helps promote healing. It allows fluids containing nutrients, oxygen, and water to flow into the areas and improve the disks health.

Our board-certified doctors at Harborside Sport & Spine have used spinal decompression to treat not only herniated disks but also other degenerative disk diseases. We’ve found it to work well for those who have worn spinal joints, also known as posterior facet syndrome. It can provide relief if the nerve roots inthe spine are injured or damaged. Finally, if you are plagued with sciatica, this can significantly improve your condition.

How is spinal decompression done at Harborside Sport & Spine in Jersey City, NJ?

Unlike other physical therapies or massage techniques, you are fully clothed during this session. A harness will be placed around your pelvis, and another one is placed around your trunk. Depending on the assessment from our doctor you’ll either lay face down or face up on our computer-controlled table. The doctor will then operate the computer to make sure you receive the customized treatment you need.

Overall treatments last up to 45 minutes, and you may need up to 28 treatments over a five to seven-week period.

Who should not have spinal decompression therapy?

When you visit our facility, you will meet one on one with our doctor to determine if this treatment is right for you. Generally, you should not have this treatment if you are pregnant. Also, this treatment is usually not suggested if you have a fracture, tumor, osteoporosis, metal implants in the spin, or have a cancerous tumor.

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Do you have questions about spinal decompression or would you like to make an appointment for a consultation? Call our friendly staff today at (201) 433-1955. They will be more than happy to answer any of your questions, and we look forward to meeting you at Harborside Sport & Spine in Jersey City, NJ!