Professional Physical Therapist in Jersey City, NJ

Professional Physical Therapist in Jersey City, NJ

Looking for a professional physical therapist? Consider Harborside Sport & Spine where our professional physical therapists aim to ease your pain, and help you with the mobility. Visit us at 75 Montgomery Street, Suite 603 Jersey City, NJ. For more information call us or simply request an appointment online. 

Professional Physical Therapist in Jersey City, NJ
Professional Physical Therapist in Jersey City, NJ

A lot of people with pain would benefit from seeing a professional physical therapist, especially people who have tried other treatment methods that haven’t worked for them. Sometimes a chronic condition requires a physical therapist too. If you think you could benefit from seeing a physical therapist, then reach out to us at Harborside Sport & Spine. We’re here for you and can introduce you to a professional physical therapist in Jersey City, NJ!

Who should see a professional physical therapist?

Anyone who has had pain lasting longer than 3 months should consider seeing a physical therapist. This kind of pain is chronic pain and it requires professional care. This pain is caused by chronic conditions like arthritis, sciatica, and others, and although these conditions may not be curable, the symptoms and pain can be relieved greatly with physical therapy.

Someone who has suffered an injury and is experiencing significant pain may want to see a physical therapist, as physical therapy can significantly relieve pain and rehabilitate an injury. Also, a person who recently had surgery and received a referral for physical therapy should definitely see a physical therapist. Athletes might want to consider seeing one too, even if they’re not experiencing any issues, as physical therapy can help prevent injuries from happening in the first place.

What can a professional physical therapist do for me?

This kind of doctor provides professional physical therapy for patients. Physical therapy can help with relieving pain, treating an injury, rehabilitating after surgery, or managing a chronic condition. At Harborside Sport & Spine, one of our physical therapists can offer a particular kind of physical therapy that may work better for you over other kinds. Our treatments include:

  • Active range of motion treatments – Moving your own body through a range of therapeutic motions
  • Active assistive range of motion treatments – Assisted movement of your body through the range of therapeutic motions
  • Stationary bicycling – Strengthening of the lower extremities and improving range of motion there
  • Isometrics – Exercising muscles to compensate for joint damage in an area
  • Heat therapy – Treatment for chronic pain and muscle relaxation
  • Soft tissue mobilization – Massaging for pain relief, muscle relaxation, and other benefits
  • Posture training – Treatment for pain relief and some back issues
  • Gait/walking training – Analyzing and making adjustments to your gait and how you walk
  • Stretching/flexibility exercises – Treating muscles that have tightened

There may be other ways we can help you here at our clinic, so if you’re in any kind of pain, don’t hesitate to call us and ask us how we can help you.

How often should I see a physical therapist?

This depends on the specific issue you have, your personal needs, and your progress during therapy. Here at Harborside Sport & Spine, during a simple consultation with us, we’ll help you decide whether physical therapy would help you and how frequently you should have sessions with us. During your sessions with us, your personal physical therapist will evaluate your progress, and if it’s quicker or slower than expected, he or she will adjust your treatment accordingly.

Do you have a professional physical therapist in Jersey City, NJ?

Yes, we do! Harborside Sport & Spine offers physical therapy, and we have a provider near you at 75 Montgomery Street, Suite 603 Jersey City, NJ 07302. To learn more about our professional physical therapists, you can read about them on the Meet Our Team page. Or if you’re ready to sit down with one of our providers, go ahead and book a consultation with us online. You’re also free to call us at (201) 433-1955 to learn more or book with us. Contact us today to connect with a physical therapist very soon!

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