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Our services include physical therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy.
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Many painful conditions are caused by a misalignment of the musculo-skeletal system, especially of the spine and joints throughout the body. This can have effects on your general health, including the nervous system. The best chiropractic care is focused on alleviating many types of pain through gentle manipulation of the spine, joints and muscles. The chiropractic doctors at Harborside Sport & Spine know that a healthy body is achieved through a healthy spine, nervous system, muscles and joints.

Harborside Sport & Spine offers a multidisciplinary team approach to chiropractic care including chiropractic physicians, physical therapists and massage therapists. Whatever pain or discomfort you may have, we can evaluate, diagnose and treat it, all within the comfort of our Jersey City Office. Our board-certified chiropractic physicians and physical therapists work as a team to ensure a complete healthcare experience. At Harborside Sport & Spine, we don’t just treat the symptoms, we solve the problem.

There is no need for an outside referral. Our friendly staff will handle all of your insurance issues. You can call to make an appointment and to begin immediate treatment for your pain disorder. With personalized attention and expert care, Harborside Sport & Spine will alleviate your pain and discomfort so you can return to a healthy and active lifestyle.

The Ten Minute Promise

The Ten Minute Promise

At HSS, most of our clients are busy professionals, whose time is extremely valuable and we help you stay on schedule. If you arrive at our office on time, for your scheduled appointment, we make sure that you are seen by one of our staff within ten minutes.